About arfon.email

Bringing old school code back to the new school

As soon as I coded my first ever email, I knew I had found my calling. Hooked is an understatement. I knew from that moment onwards I wanted to do email full time, but after many years working as a web and email developer the email itch wasn't been itched and that's when I took the opportunity to start arfon.email (æ).

arfon.email believes everyone deserves a well coded email regardless of their email client


The rise of arfon.email


Pure Web Development

Worked for a small local company that focused on developing web sites for small and large clients. Started with ASP.NET then moved on to PHP.


Responsive Design

A new and wonderful new of web design came with the rise of the smart phone, and this is known as responsive design. One website that has a different look and feel on different devices.



CMS systems were now becoming the norm, and we started looking into systems such as WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Magento and Joomla to build themes and plug-ins.


Email Development

Started the wonderful journey of email development and can finally say I found my coding heaven. From 2015 to 2019 I created well over 50000 email campaigns and have been able to see the rise of the email marketing.

September 2019

arfon.email is born

It was time to move from working for someone else creating emails and plug-ins to creating emails 100% of the time. After arfon.email been up and running for a couple of days we had already secured 3 clients and helped them reached 40% more clients than normal.

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